The theme for Faith Soccer Bible Camp 2017 is “Caught!” The camp will run from 9:00-12:00am each day July 24th—28th. The week will officially conclude on Sunday, July 30th with a picnic, games, activities and an obstacle course.

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Organization Team

The organization team will take care of ordering all the supplies (balls, goals, shirts, brochures, etc.) for the camp (besides food). The organization team will make the schedule for the camp which will be capped at 200 students.

    • Pastor Parsons
    • Justin Digman

Registration Team

Registration for this year will be $55.00 dollars. The camp is open to children three years old through those entering eighth grade. All registration will be done online.

  • Prior to camp we need Two Online Registrars willing to work on setting up online registration.
    • Online registrar—Justin Digman
  • We need Two Check-in Greeters to register students every day Monday—Friday. Time commitment 30 minutes a day Monday—Friday.
    • Onsite check-in—
    • Onsite check-in—

Music Coordinators/Leaders

  • We need 2 music Coordinators/Leaders to lead the camp participants in singing the camp theme song (and others) throughout the week during the opening devotions and direct/lead the children in singing for Sunday worship. Time commitment approximately 30 min a day along with offsite preparation. Vocal and instrumental abilities required.
    • Music Team—Amy Herkstroeter
    • Music Team—David Finn

Bible Lesson Lead Instructors

  • We need 8 Bible Lesson Instructors. The Bible Lesson Instructors will teach one thematic lesson each day during the five days of the camp. Each instructor will have a 30 minute lesson time from 10:50-11:20 each morning. If the instructors would like they can also sign up to be helpers during snack time which takes place immediately before Bible time. Time commitment is about 1 hour a day Monday—Friday plus preparation time.
    • Pre-K —
    • Kindergarten
    • First Grade
    • Second Grade
    • Third Grade
    • Fourth Grade
    • Fifth Grade
    • Sixth/Seventh Grade

Head Coaches

  • We need 1 Head Soccer Coach and 1 Assistant Head Coach. Time commitment approximately 4.5 hrs a day. Soccer knowledge and coaching experience required!
    • All Ages Head Coach—Pastor David Haag
    • All Ages Head Coach

Lead Coaches

  • We need 12 Lead Soccer Coaches. Time commitment approximately 4.5 hrs a day. Soccer knowledge and experience playing and/or coaching required! Learn more about the lead coach positions!
    • Age 4/K  Head Coach
    • Age 4 Lead Coach — 
    • Kindergarten Team 1 Lead Coach 
    • Kindergarten Team 2 Lead Coach
    • Kindergarten Team 3 Lead Coach
    • First Grade Team 1 Lead Coach
    • First Grade Team 2 Lead Coach
    • Second Grade Team 1 Lead Coach
    • Second Grade Team 2 Lead Coach
    • Third Grade Team 2 Lead 1 Coach
    • Fourth Grade Lead Coach
    • Fifth Grade Lead Coach
    • Seventh/Eighth Grade Lead Coach

Assistant Coaches

  • We need 15 Assistant Coaches who can be an extra hand for the coaches and lead the teams throughout the day. Some soccer knowledge is required! Time commitment is 4.5 hrs a day. Learn more about the assistant coach positions.
    • Age 4  Team 1 Assistant Coaches
    • Kindergarten Team 1 Assistant Coaches 
    • Kindergarten Team 2 Assistant Coaches
    • Kindergarten Team 3 Assistant Coaches
    • First Grade Team 1 Assistant Coaches
    • First Grade Team 2 Assistant Coaches
    • Second Grade Team 1 Assistant Coach
    • Second Grade Team 2 Assistant Coach
    • Third Grade Team 1 Assistant Coach
    • Fourth Grade Assistant Coach
    • Fifth Grade Assistant Coach
    • Sixth and Seventh Grade Assistant Coach

Camp Nurse

  • We need 1 Camp Nurse “to be there” in a special tent if a kid is sick or even acting up. Time commitment 3 hrs a day.
    • Camp Nurse —

Photography Team

  • We need 2 Photographers and 1 Videographer. Good Camera and experience required! One individual to take the group and individual pictures for one day approximately 1.5 hrs. Another or perhaps the same individual who would take action shots at different times throughout the week.
    • Photographer (team) — Ron Ahrens
    • Photographer (action shots) —

Drama Team

  • We need 1 Drama Team Coordinator and 4 drama team members. The drama team will present a short skit at the start of each day.
    • Drama coordinator —
    • Sound/effects —
    • Drama team members — Pastor Parsons,

Craft Team

  • We need 2 craft coordinators and 2 craft helpers. The craft coordinators will provide and lead the preschool and kindergarten teams in crafts and activities. The helpers will assist the children with their crafts and activities.
    • Craft coordinator —
    • Craft helper —

Snack Team

  • We need 1 Snack Coordinator and at least 6 Snack Helpers. The duties include preparing snacks and then giving the snacks to each of the kids. Time commitment would be 2 hours each day of camp, 10 hours total. We need someone willing to be in charge of purchasing/gathering all the food for 190 students and 40 coaches.
    • Snack Coordinator —
    • Snack Assistant —
    • Snack Helper —
    • Snack Helper —

Meal and Activity Team

  • We are in need of 1 Lunch/Afternoon Event Organizer for coaches meals and afternoon activities. We need 5 Lunch Providers who would be willing to cook meals/ buy meals for our coaches (40 hungry teens). We also need some activities for the coaches on afternoons after their hard work is done.
    • Lunch/Afternoon Event Coordinator—Justin Digman

Coaches Meals (please specify meal to be provided)

    • Monday, July 24th lunch —
    • Tuesday, July 25th lunch —
    • Wednesday, July 26th lunch —
    • Thursday, July 27th lunch —
    • Friday, July 28th lunch —

Coaches Activities (please specify activity)

    • Sponsor an activity on Monday, July 24th
    • Sponsor an activity on Tuesday, July 25th  –
    • Sponsor an activity on Wednesday, July 26th
    • Sponsor an activity on Thursday, July 27th
    • Sponsor an activity on Friday, July 28th

If you are interested in getting involved with Faith Soccer Camp 2017. Please use the link below to register for a volunteer position.

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